Welcome to the
76th annual hunger games!


Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark survived the 74th Games together, after the nightlock incident. Their fame was absolute. The rebellion never began. The Quarter Quell passed, without the previous victors having to re-enter the Arena. The Capitol is still in power, and the Games continue as normal.

However, something's brewing in the districts. Ever since Katniss saluted Rue's death and two victors were crowned instead of one, nothing has been the same. Tensions have only risen and exploded in fights, rage ensues against peacekeepers and enforcements are being pushed to the extreme. There are whispers that a rebellion is coming and that have been recruiting lately, but the Capitol is stamping this out, by killing others and pushing Peacekeepers duties far more than usual.

Truth is, there is a rebellion coming incited by Katniss' actions led by Sage Borde and now that they've infiltrated the Capitol, it's now or never.

Happy Hunger Games
and may the odds
be ever in your favor!

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The richest, most famous and powerful people in the Capitol have gathered for the yearly parade, their money burning in their wallets, the excitement whirring in their bodies. The crowd is already screaming out in their enthusiasm, cheering for the tributes of the 76th Hunger Games to finally show themselves in outfits worthy of a prestigious Capitol show. The tributes will shine, and proudly represent their districts in a parade that will not soon be forgotten. The carriages are ready, but are the tributes?

"Ladies and gentlemen," a familiar voice booms out, the man sporting bright purple hair, a friend of any and all in Panem. Caesar Flickerman. "Welcome to the grand, the glorious, the fantastic parade of the 76th Hunger Games! We can expect great outfits, beautiful females and stunning males tonight. All the tributes are dressed up, representing their districts, ready to charm and melt our heart with their beauty. Say, Claudius, what do you think we can expect tonight?"

A thin voice, the voice of Claudius Templesmith, filled the stadium, his face ad bald head appearing on several big screens surrounding the area. “I believe we can expect great things from this year’s tributes, and their stylists as well. The crop of tributes are very diverse and unique this year, both in personality and style. It is indeed a promising year, Caesar, a promising year indeed.” The sound of Caesar’s laugh filled the arena, his grin so bright, he could blind the entire crowd. The two men chattered eagerly, of their expectations and hopes for the night, as the gate creaked open, the first carriage being pulled out by strong, powerful horses.

"And we have begun!" Caesar exclaimed, cutting off the ramblings of Claudius, as he pointed eagerly to the first carriage, several more to follow. The tributes of District 1 were first. "Stunning, absolutely stunning! Look at that!" The crowd was absolutely roaring in delight, of finally being able to see the tributes in all their glory. The parade had begun.

  • How it works

For the parade, we ask that you make an outfit for your tribute, one that represents their personality, as well as their district. Be clever about this, as this is your chance to play stylist for your tribute. Should you want to have a matching outfit to your district partner, contact their RPer, cooperate in finding something that will match.

We suggest that you use Polyvore for this purpose. Go to create on the top, and search for your pieces of clothing, put together a small collage, maybe even with a photo of your FC, and save the image to your computer. You can create an outfit, with accessories etc. Should you want anything extra special, state so in your submitted post, along with a paragraph on why you decided on the different article of clothing. (By extra, I mean like Katniss and Peeta being on fire during their parade).

This is voluntary, but you will be given points for effort and final result that will give your tribute an advantage in the arena.

Self paras and drabbles are also encouraged, for all characters.

Possible scores: 1 - 5 points.

Please submit your photo of your outfit, as well as your paragraph HERE.

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