Welcome to the
76th annual hunger games!


Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark survived the 74th Games together, after the nightlock incident. Their fame was absolute. The rebellion never began. The Quarter Quell passed, without the previous victors having to re-enter the Arena. The Capitol is still in power, and the Games continue as normal.

However, something's brewing in the districts. Ever since Katniss saluted Rue's death and two victors were crowned instead of one, nothing has been the same. Tensions have only risen and exploded in fights, rage ensues against peacekeepers and enforcements are being pushed to the extreme. There are whispers that a rebellion is coming and that have been recruiting lately, but the Capitol is stamping this out, by killing others and pushing Peacekeepers duties far more than usual.

Truth is, there is a rebellion coming incited by Katniss' actions led by Sage Borde and now that they've infiltrated the Capitol, it's now or never.

Happy Hunger Games
and may the odds
be ever in your favor!

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The excitement that filled the air of the Capitol was equalled with the loud chatter the audience was emitting, while they impatiently waited for everything to begin. It had been a long wait for this moment and everyone was bursting with enthusiasm to properly meet the tributes of the 76th Hunger Games. Of course, there was the same question circulating around, “How could they compare to the previous ones?” and people spewing their favourites from the previous Games. Everyone had heard their fair share of rumours relating to the new line up of tributes and more than anything everyone wanted to know what truth those rumours held. And Caesar Flickerman is the only man they trust to unravel their secrets.

Caesar sparkled in a way that only he could; with his warm pink hair and equally hot pink suit. He looked like the perfect Capitol citizen, and exuded a warm and friendly behaviour. There was an aura about him that just made you feel at ease, despite the impending doom of the tributes. The older gentlemen cleared his throat as he walked onto the stage. Half the audience soon fell silent, having a keen eye on Caesar’s body and already bursting for the show to run, but you can still hear the faint murmur of the Capitol’s gossip, lightly in the back.

“Welcome one and all! I am Caesar Flickerman and now, we begin the interviews for the 76th Hunger Games!” The crowd roared the second Caesar’s voice died down and bustled with incoherent noises again, with applause that would deafen ears. The interviews was always the event that the Capitol adored, and how the tributes had the chance to weasel into their hearts, revealing their adorablepersonalities. What would this year’s selection offer up?

  • How it works
The interviews works as a questionaire/survey. There are ten questions that you are required to answer, and please do not take this task lightly. Your answers need to be calculated, clever, funny and most importantly; memorable. For each of the questions, write a long answer, showing your character’s personality, as well as how they think. Even if your tribute is asked what kind of strategies they have, does not mean you should actually give the answer. Be smart. Be a tribute in the Hunger Games. Be clever about your answers.
  • Questions
  1. What was your first impression of the Capitol?
  2. And, what would be your favourite part of being here?
  3. Do you have any comments on your outfit for the parade?
  4. What exactly went through your head when your name was called at the reaping/you volunteered?
  5. Would you care to share some of your techniques for the arena?
  6. Any particular strengths/weaknesses that you have?
  7. What is your weapon of choice?
  8. What are your thoughts on allies? Do you want them, or do you think you’re better off alone?
  9. What is the first thing you are going to do if you win the Games?
  10. Any last words before we say our goodbyes?
  • Ratings

Once your interview has been submitted, we will give you points for effort, and how you succeeded in this challenge. These points will be added to your total score, that will give your tribute a better chance in the Arena.

Possible scores: 1 - 5 points.

Submit your answers HERE, with the title: TRIBUTE NAME | Interview.
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